Shoraka Suyula Platform can now go abroad with Malaysia Digital cert issued by MDEC

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has granted Malaysia Digital (MD) certification to Shoraka Suyula Platform Sdn Bhd (SSP), a subsidiary of Shoraka Digital.

The recognition, according to Shoraka Digital co-founder Johar Amat, enables the company to expand abroad, benefiting from business matching opportunities, export incentives, training, funding, and facilitation.

“The Malaysia Digital status granted to SSP by MDEC stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative fintech solutions in shaping the digital economy and fostering financial inclusivity,” he said in a statement today.

Through its innovative initiatives, SSP remains devoted to bringing about good change and improving the financial well-being of communities.

The world’s first Re-Rahnu product is transacted on the Suyula Platform, a digital marketplace that indirectly provides seamless and quick access to short-term emergency money for the unbanked and underserved elements of society.

SSP has capitalised on the Ar-Rahnu industry’s potential to meet the financial requirements of those who are frequently disregarded by traditional financial services.

It has collected an impressive list of accomplishments since its founding, establishing its status as an industry mover and shaker.

This prestigious honour was bestowed upon the MD PEMANGKIN Connects Islamic Digital Economy Conference last week.